There is growing evidence of the importance of imagination in supporting wellbeing. Although perhaps often overlooked, imagination can have an incredible impact on our general happiness.

Imagination helps us to escape the day-to-day, to have fun, to envision future possibilities and to explore different perspectives. It is a crucial aspect of goal setting, meaning that without it we would not be able to move ourselves from unhappy situations into more emotionally beneficial or satisfying ones.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, imagination has also been linked to negative mental health – the power to imagine events that have not yet happened can be being linked to anxiety, paranoia and delusions.

It is therefore incredibly important that the power of imagination is better understood, and that positive skills for harnessing imagination are widely taught. Amongst other things, positive imagining can be a powerful tool in controlling anxiety disorders and depression.

Even for those who do not suffer from mental health problems, being able to positively use imagination is vital to living a fulfilled life. Within this theme we’d like to explore the different ways that imagination can impact flourishing and wellness.

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