Through imagination we can put ourselves into the minds of others, imagining things from their perspective and considering how our actions may impact upon them. We can do this not just with those around us but can imagine ourselves into the past and the future and to the other side of the world.

Technology is having a big impact on empathy, with concerns being raised that too much time spent communicating through digital technology is causing a decline in empathy. Anonymous features on many websites are causing online bullying to rise. It’s easy to hide behind a screen.

As the world is becoming more globally connected, it is important for us to expand our empathy to those we have not met, and to those who are living through conditions we could never have anticipated.

Through this act of imagination, we can become more caring and understanding, something we believe is vital for us as individuals and for society.

This theme explores how imagination can enhance empathy and our inter-personal connections.

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