The world has always changed, yet thanks to digital technology change is happening quicker than ever before.

Industries throughout the world have faced huge shifts – from Spotify challenging the music industry, Uber taking on the transport industry, and social media changing the way that brands and influencers interact with their audiences. Some changes have made our lives easier, while others may appear to have questionable motives. Not all changes are created equal, and not all are beneficial.

In this time of constant, rapid change imagination is a key survival skill.

It is the reason change is happening, each innovation and every step forward began as a spark of imagination. It is also an essential skill for coping with such change. We can no longer rest on our laurels, we must be both adaptive and proactive to keep up.

This theme explores the role imagination has on making rapid change happen, as well as the importance of nurturing imagination as a tool to survive such an era of uncertainty.

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