Partnering For Play: What Lies Behind Successful Play Partnerships?

At the Institute of Imagination we’re so proud of our collaborations, they are an integral part of what we do. LEGO®, who we’re working with on RE:CODE London, is constantly building its community engagement initiatives. Let’s learn why they’re so vital with David Pallash, Senior Manager, Social Responsibility and Child Engagement at LEGO Group. We’re also…

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Manish Jain: “Our Work Is To Recover Wisdom And Imagination”

In our quest for inspiring innovation, creativity and solutions through imagination, what if one of our vital tools is broken? Speaker, author and activist, Manish Jain, believes our education system is producing a society which actually creates issues such as poverty and global warming. His solution for this is a radical theory called ‘unlearning’. This…

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Children In Poorer Countries Have Higher Career Aspirations Than UK

This article stood out because of its vital subject matter – how young people perceive their future. Sean Coughlan, BBC News education and family correspondent, examines a worldwide survey of children on their career ambitions. It uncovers enduring gender stereotypes at work, where and why aspiration is lacking and suggests how to address these issues.…

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