Making is a tradition as old as humanity itself. For many people it is critical to survival. For others it is a chosen vocation. For some it is simply a delight to be able to shape a material and say: “I made that”. Making is also a powerful way to solve problems, express ideas and…

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Growing Food From Mattresses: What Experts Can Learn From Working In Refugee Camps

In this article, found on the, scientist Anthony Ryan describes how creativity can come from he most unlikely places. He describes how limitations can improve creativity, meeting the needs of desperate situations with unlikely solutions. Here, he explains how he and a team sought to grow food from mattresses with refugees in Za’atari. I am a…

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The DIY Girls: How 12 Teens Invented a Solar-Powered Tent for the Homeless

A group of 12 girls who became affected by the rise in homelessness in their community, built a solar powered tent to tackle the issue. Recruited by DIY Girls, a non-profit that teaches girls from low-income communities new skills, they worked six days a week to bring their vision to life. This article, originally published on…

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