This Photographer Has ‘Misplaced’ 11 Of New York’s Most Iconic Buildings

How much of a building’s identity lives in its space? Does our perception of them depend on their surroundings? Photographer Anton Repponen is experimenting with seeing iconic buildings from radical points of view with his Misplaced Series. Here, he talks to Kate Lough at Evening Standard about unleashing the life of a building in your imagination. The…

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The Entrepreneur Creating Ghana’s Next Generation Of Inventors

What sounds like progress to us is someone responding to the needs of a changing world. Charles Ofori Antipem‘s inspirational story is about adapting solutions without conceding to limitations. With rapid growth expecting highly-qualified STEM experts, this Ghanaian entrepreneur is anticipating the call and making sure that his community is ready to answer it. “Sir,…

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Forget Environmental Doom And Gloom – Young People Draw Alternative Visions Of Nature’s Future

It’s easy to characterise the environment as being in decline, and to some extent that’s true. However, research suggests that we’re viewing this through an all too narrow frame of reference. A project from the University of Sussex and the Sussex Wildlife Trust is looking at trends and phenomena way beyond living and recorded history.…

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